Comms Training

Media and Crisis Management Training

Prepare to be heard

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Communicate With Confidence

Our media training packages help build confidence and give you the tools to represent your organisation with authenticity and impact. 

From on-camera spokesperson training, to presentation skills and crisis management support, our experienced coaches work with you to deliver an interactive session that’s tailored to your needs. 

Conducted in a group, 121 or online, our sessions are packed full of practical exercises, informative and fun. From the most seasoned spokesperson, to the complete beginner, there’s something for everyone.

Spokesperson Training

Become A 'Go-To' Voice

We recognise that engaging with the media may feel daunting. So whether you're a seasoned spokesperson, or a complete beginner, we'll help you build the skills and confidence needed to take control of any TV, radio, print or online story. We'll train you how to frame core messages and share your stories and insights in ways that captivate and engage your audience. We'll teach you what to expect ahead of, during and after media interviews. And we'll coach you to handle challenging or controversial questions, with tried and tested techniques. Our sessions are interactive and include on-camera practice. We'll teach you how to think on your feet, deliver your message with confidence and be ready for anything.

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Presentation Skills

Influence and Inspire

Whether presenting to clients, colleagues, investors or peers, we can help you in all areas of public speaking. We’ll help polish your presentations, create powerful pitches and keynotes and become an influential moderator or panellist. Our coaches will help you define your core message for your presentations and create a compelling narrative that will engage, influence and inspire your audience.

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Crisis Communications Training

Take Control. Protect Your Reputation

When crisis strikes, negative headlines have the power to destroy reputations. Get ahead of the negative news cycle, with our crisis communications training. We'll help your organisation put the tools, skills and processes in place to communicate with confidence and compassion when media or public pressure is at its most intense. Whether dealing with a crisis that has already hit, or preparing your staff to handle a crisis before it breaks, we'll guide you through every aspect of crisis management. From early risk assessment and reactive lines, to issuing a speedy statement, holding a press conference or utilising the 'right to reply', we'll help you understand what will contain a crisis and what could fuel the fire.

Our mainstream and social media experts have years of hands-on experience in killing negative stories and mitigating reputational fall out. So if your organisation finds itself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, we'll help ensure you emerge with your reputation intact.

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Ethical Storytelling

Gather and tell stories with dignity, respect and impact

Learn how to gather and tell compelling, emotive stories that cut through and inspire, while retaining the dignity and rights of the people sharing their experience. From understanding child protection, informed consent and GDPR, to learning how to examine bias, avoid harmful stereotypes and build agency, we'll help you develop a 'do no harm' approach to all stages of storytelling. Run by our trainers with global experience from news, corporate and humanitarian backgrounds, our training helps ensure your stories grab attention for all the right reasons.

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