Video Production

Today people want instant gratification and easily accessible information. That’s why video is such a powerful medium for reaching and delivering information. After all, according to Forrester Research , a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words – a lot of information in a short space of time.

And as well as facts, films convey social and emotional information connecting with the viewer’s emotional "mid-brain", enabling them to understand and remember messages more effectively.

At Elm Media, we work with clients to create films with high production values within tight production budgets. So if you’re looking to enhance your marketing and communications, highlight a set of results, promote a new product or motivate your team, Elm Media will help you to produce films that inform, engage and inspire.



With the increased use of online and mobile technology, it’s important to adapt in order to reach and effectively connect with the audience, increase brand exposure and deepen relationships.

From small single camera “talking heads” to large multi-camera shoots, we produce engaging video content that promotes high engagement and delivers results. From concept realisation, storyboard creation and script writing to filming, editing and developing dynamic graphic animation, Elm Media will help you communicate your messages.



When someone visits your website, you have approximately 10 – 20 seconds to spark their interest before they migrate somewhere else. Animated motion graphics make an instant impact; it's quick, easy to consume and complex concepts and ideas can be broken down into an easily digestible form.

From traditional hand drawn cartoons to CGI, animation can ignite an emotional response; it stays in the mind longer, creates a lasting impression and is the perfect medium for creating promotional video, corporate films and marketing campaigns. With animation anything is possible, leading anywhere your imagination takes you...


Internal Communications

Videos can now be delivered across global organisations in seconds enabling you to communicate internal messages quickly and cost effectively in a way that integrates seamlessly with employees’ daily online activities.

We work with clients to create results, strategy and news broadcasts, as well as CEO updates and training films that are engaging, personal and memorable.


Event Filming

Producing videos of events will enable a much wider audience to enjoy the experience of your conferences, awards ceremonies, presentations and seminars.

When preparing to showcase your event, we’ll work closely with you, your organiser and AV team to ensure smooth running on the day, and whether you require single camera coverage of your event, or a multi-camera set-up with vision mixing, we can supply the right equipment with experienced broadcast crews. Events can also be streamed live to your website or via an interactive streaming site.



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