Media Coaching

Our coaching sessions are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each of our clients and are run on a one-to-one basis, in small groups or with teams; in an environment that is supportive, confidential and personal.

We interweave essential theory on messaging, content, style and technique with multiple opportunities for practice. This, along with immediate expert analysis and feedback, provides the clarity and insight needed for delegates to perform to their maximum potential.

Coaching sessions are structured to fit in with delegate availability, and range from two hours to full days or more.

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Media Training

Elm media training is designed to help business leaders, senior management, spokespeople and subject matter experts gain more control of broadcast and print media coverage.

Great spokespeople are clear, confident and engaging. They know what they want to say and make sure they say it. We’ll help you achieve this by providing you with the knowledge of what to expect and what interests the media. We’ll also help you to identify and refine key messages and deliver them with accuracy, credibility and conviction in both media interviews and written press releases.


Presentation Coaching

We deliver transformational presentation coaching to delegates of all levels from senior executives refining their skills or preparing for specific speaking engagements to those just starting out on their presentation careers.

Whether you’re presenting to large or small groups; clients, colleagues, investors or peers; you’ll need to influence your audience and move them towards your agenda. Our presentation coaching is designed to help you master this vital business skill.


Crisis Communications

The media loves crises because they stimulate interest. So if you ever have to announce a poor set of results, are subject to legal action, or an act of destruction damages your facilities, staff or the public; there's a good chance that you'll be facing a media that wants answers quickly.

The good news is that, if you are seen to handle a crisis professionally and responsibly, you can emerge from a crisis with an enhanced reputation but if you don't provide rapid, well managed, robust communications; you're likely to lose control of the way your story is covered.

Crisis communications training will help you to ensure that your crisis is covered fairly and responsibly in the media.

Sports Media Training

Sports Media Training

In today's world, sport is business and successful relations with the media can lead to positive coverage with the potential for higher attendances, greater merchandise sales, and increased levels of sponsorship.

We partner with sports organisations, teams and individuals, and Elm sports media training helps develop the skills required to excel with the media.

Our sports media training consultants are professional sports journalists with outstanding credentials. We understand sport and know exactly how sports people can maximise opportunities.


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