Presentation coaching

Elm Media presentation coaching is designed to make a powerful impact. We've delivered transformational presentation coaching to delegates of all levels from senior executives refining their skills or preparing for specific speaking engagements to those just starting out on their presentation careers.

Whether presenting to large or small groups; clients, colleagues, investors or peers; speakers need to influence their audience and move them towards their agenda. Our expert presentation coaches will help them to master this vital business skill.

Through a combination of theory, practice and feedback, and through focusing on existing strengths and personal style, we coach our clients to become confident, accomplished and effective presenters and story tellers.

We outline techniques for creating and structuring presentations that are relevant for the audience, based around clear messages and facts, structured into engaging stories and supported by effective visuals (or none at all). 

We also focus on ensuring that our clients feel comfortable whilst presenting and help them to refine techniques for presenting in an individual style that is credible, engaging and memorable.

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What I have taken away is invaluable. I feel so much more confident about my conference presentation.

Julie Smith
Claims Director


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