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Elm media training is designed to help business leaders, senior management, spokespeople and subject matter experts gain more control of broadcast and print media coverage.

Successful spokespeople know what they want to say and are clear, confident and in control. Our expert media trainers help our delegates to achieve this by providing them with the knowledge of what to expect and what interests the media. We also equip them to identify and refine key messages and deliver them with accuracy, credibility and conviction in both media interviews and written press releases.

Elm media training interweaves practice, review and feedback sessions, with theory covering the following key areas:

  • The media opportunity
  • The mechanics of an interview
  • What motivates a journalist
  • What makes a good story
  • Attracting media coverage
  • Identifying and packaging messages
  • Controlling the interview agenda
  • Creating a positive impression
  • Delivering clear, memorable sound bites
  • Writing engaging press releases
  • Techniques for vocal delivery
  • Creating energy and managing nerves
  • Avoiding pitfalls
  • Bridging from negative to positive

We work with

Leaders: As a leader you can engage with the media proactively to ensure that the outside world sees your organisation and its work in a positive light and you'll certainly need to protect and explain your position if the tide turns against you. Elm media training will help ensure that, in good times and bad, you're prepared to face the media in a way that demonstrates your leadership, control and vision.

Senior management and spokespeople: You may well be first to communicate with the media when your organisation is contacted or when you're trying to place a story. Elm media training will provide you with the knowledge and skills to engage clearly and authoritatively with the media both face-to-face and through press releases.

Subject matter experts: You have a wonderful opportunity to present yourself and your organisation in a positive light to a wide audience. Our media training will help you to clarify and deliver your knowledge and messages in a way that engages and impresses.

Broadcast media training interview with Eric Warner
Partner and Head of Investor Relations, Altius Associates

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Broadcast media training interview with Michael Russell
Partner and Head of Europe, Altius Associates

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I just heard from the Executive Producer of the programme that was filmed yesterday. She was very flattering and said that it was a "fantastic performance".  Clearly 99% of that is down to your help and advice, thank you so much.

Michael Evans

Evans Randall


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